China Doesn’t Oppose India’s Nuke Club Entry : Sushma Swaraj


NEW DELHI: China is not opposing to India’s entry to elite nuclear club NSG said   foreign minister Sushma Swaraj today. China is batting for Pakistan’s bid to enter to the NSG  she said.

China has been leading a group of nations that are holding out against India’s membership to the 48-nation club that trades in advanced nuclear material and technology. “We hope to become a member of the NSG (nuclear Suppliers’ Group) by year-end. China doesn’t oppose India’s membership, China is speaking about procedure,” Ms Swaraj said.
The minister added that she had spoken to 23 nations on India’s membership to NSG. Of these, 21 had no problem, the remaining two had some questions.
On Pakistan, she said, “We wouldn’t like to oppose anyone’s entry to the nuke club. But we would like every country’s application to be considered on merit.”
The minister’s comments come days after foreign secretary S Jaishankar visited China and canvassed the issue of the NSG.
In a visit to Switzerland and Mexico earlier this month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi managed to turn around the views of the two nations which were also opposed to India’s membership.

The US has already extended its support for India’s inclusion in the NSG. British Premier David Cameron has also assured PM Modi of the UK’s “firm support” for India’s membership. Russia and Switzerland have also backed India’s entry.