Cong attack both bjd and bjp on chit fund and mining case

pr. harichandan
pr. harichandan

Congress Party has also steadfastly maintained that Odisha CM, Shri Naveen Patnaik is leading a massively corrupt regime involved in blatant loot of precious resources of Odisha and its people. We now stand vindicated with shocking revelations, which prove that Prime Minister is not letting the CBI investigate into the charges of corruption against the Naveen Patnaik Government in the‘Saradha’ and ‘Mining’ Scams. Infact, we stand vindicated qua the fact that BJP and BJD are in cahoots in looting the resources and people of Odisha.

This vindication comes shockingly and truly as evidence from none less than Prime Minister’s Cabinet colleague from Odisha & Union Minister for Tribal Affairs, Shri Jual Oram. Shri Oram has left very little to speculation by making a categorical statement to the effect that, “The central government has let the state government off in many issues including chit fund and mining scams. Had it not been the case, the CBI would have finished them off already. They should thank the centre for it.”

He further goes on to state that, “The investigation has actually slowed down but still going on. Everyone knows the investigation has slowed down.  It is not going at theaccepted speed”.

Answering the question regarding why it happened, Shri Oram candidly admitted that, “the question you asked is a technical one. It can’t be answered in front of camera.” (Copy of his statement and Audio File is attached at Annexure A).

Shri Jual Oram’s clear-cut admission is confirmation of what Congress Party has maintained for long. The BJD Government of Odisha is involved in ‘Mining Scams’ worth thousands of crores and its Ministers, MPs and MLAs are neck deep in the‘Saradha Chit Fund’ Scam that defrauded ordinary people to the tune of Rs.2,984 crore. Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi is blatantly misusing the CBI to protect Naveen Patnaik government, rather than letting it investigate and prosecute the guilty.

On the other hand, the BJD Government had been sitting pretty and doing a wishy-washy State Police probe into all the allegations of corruption against itself. It took a Commission of Inquiry (COI) in June 2013 (Justice M.B. Shah Commission of Inquiry) and the Supreme Court on 26th March, 2014 and 9th May, 2014 to deliver judgments in Public Interest Litigations to ensure that the CBI takes up the inquiry into the ‘Mining’ and ‘Saradha’ Scams. However, Shri Modi is ensuring that none of this reaches a logical conclusion by subverting the very process of investigation by CBI. (Copies of relevant observations of the COI as also the two orders of Supreme Court are attached as Annexures B, C, and D).

This convoluted game of managing the CBI for Patnaik & Company is also blatant contempt of the Supreme Court where until as late as November 30, 2015; the CBI gave an undertaking and assurance that it is“appropriately investigating” the cases and that it would “obviously review the need for holding further investigation under relevant sections of the Cr.PC”.  (Copy of the order is attached as Annexure D).

The statement made by Shri Jual Oram, who holds a Constitutional brief, belies any assertions on part of CBI/its Boss – the Prime Minister and the BJP on the contrary. Reason for not appointing a Lokpal by Union BJP government is also now clear. With a Lokpal in place, CBI would come under its jurisdiction. Consequently manipulation galore to suit Prime Minister’s political agenda of helping friends and prosecuting opponents by political vendetta will then not be served by CBI which is being held captive at the door steps of PMO currently. Admission of Shri Jual Oram also provides sad evidence of the fact that Modi government is grossly misusing the CBI to implement a ‘carrot and stick policy’ to make smaller parties come around to fulfill its own political agenda.

In light of the explosive revelations and the grave connotations thereof, Indian National Congress demands that the Prime Minister as the executive head of CBI breaks his silence and explains as to what is being done by the Captive Bureau of Investigation (CBI) at the demands made by its political masters i.e. PMO.

We also demand that Union Tribal Affairs Minister, Shri Jual Oram elaborates the modus-operandi that he withheld in front of news cameras while making the statement mentioned above. While the deep anguish of Shri Oram, a committed BJP worker, at the unholy nexus of convenience between the BJD and the BJP, is understandable, Congress Party stands committed to exposing this unholy alliance before the people of Odisha and the country.

The Congress Party also demands that, with startling facts exposing a compromised investigation by CBI being disclosed in public domain by a Union Cabinet Minister, Supreme Court reconsiders its decision with a view to get the entire probe monitored by a SC monitored SIT under its own supervision.