Govt Announces scheme for 3 lakh more pensioner.

naveen-patnaik ,chief-minister
naveen-patnaik ,chief-minister

Bhubaneswar: Govt of Odisha Announced new pension scheme for the poor people.

The state government on Saturday announced to bring three lakh more people under the ambit of different pension schemes. So far, around 40 lakh people are covered by social security schemes.
Though the decision was taken earlier, its announcement by chief minister Naveen Patnaik at a hurriedly-convened news briefing at the secretariat is being viewed as an apparent bid to counter the bandh by the Congress in eight KBK districts.

“My government has always emphasized on social security for the downtrodden. The main aim of my government is to bring smile on everyone’s face. To help the elderly persons, widows and the disabled lead a dignified life, my government has decided to cover more people under different pension schemes,” Naveen said.
The eligible people below poverty line (BPL) category would be covered under pension schemes like Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension, Indira Gandhi National Widow Pension, Indira Gandhi National Disabled Pension, National Family Benefit Programme and Madhu Babu Pension Yojana.
Under the old-age pension scheme that covers around 15 lakh beneficiaries, a person receives Rs 300 per month after attaining 60 years. Beneficiaries beyond the age of 80 receive Rs 500 per month. While the state government provides Rs 100 under the scheme, the remaining amount is borne by the Centre.
The Congress and the BJP criticized the state government for taking credit for the schemes even though the Centre bears a lion’s share in them. They said the state government is trying to lure the rural people ahead of panchayat elections through all these announcements.