Make In India for fast track growth: PM


Mumbai: Makse in India can fast track growth the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a huge gathering in Mumbai this evening at the launch of the Make in India week. The FDI environment for the country, he said, has never been better, detailing the fast track growth the country has witnessed since his government came to power.
Here are his top ten quotes:
India contributed 12.5% to global growth. Its contribution is 68% higher than its share in global economy.
We have enacted law to fast-track arbitration proceedings. Soon we will have transparent IP and patent regime.
Today India is perhaps the most open country for FDI. There is an all-round emphasis on ‘Ease of doing business’
FDI inflow has been up 48 per cent since my government came into office. FDI inflow in December 2015 was highest-ever in the country.
There is no time for incremental changes, we want a quantum jump.
Make In India is a drive to fulfill the un-met demands of the common man.
We want our youth to become job creators rather than job seekers. That is why we have launched the Startup India campaign.
India blessed with three Ds: Democracy+Demography+Demand. The 4th D is Deregulation.
I would like to give industry some friendly advice. Do not wait. If you take one step, we will walk 2 steps for you.
This is the best time to be in India, it is even better to Make in India.