man thrashed by bouncers at a pub


NEW DELHI: As crime increasing, pub is not safe for common man.A man being thrashed by bouncers at a pub in Gurgaon is the latest example of such incidents. A video in this regard has been released by the police.

The footage, recorded by security cameras, shows the man, identified in his police complaint as Rocky, being thrashed by men who strike him repeatedly on his back and head.
At one point, he tries to escape but falls down and a new round of beating begins.  He cowers against a wall as the blows rain down on his head in a corridor just outside the pub, located in a mall in Gurgaon in Haryana.

The complaint by Rocky said the men of the Gurgaon pub chased him and rained blows on him even when he tried to escape.

Rocky, 24, claims that he was harassed by the bouncers at the Eon pub on the night of March 17 after he accidentally bumped into one of them while dancing.  His police complaint claims that even after he left the pub which his located at a mall, the bouncers followed him outside and continued to assault him, though there is no video evidence of this.
The pub, however, says that Mr Rocky was drunk and misbehaved with its staff and other customers, and then when he was asked to leave, a fight erupted.
“We have registered a case on the complaint of Rocky, a resident of Gurgaon’s Nathupur village. We have also collected CCTV footage from the pub and will try to identify the culprits on the basis of that video,” said senior police officer Hawa Singh.