President’s Rule imposed in Uttarakhand.


NEW DELHI:  President’s Rule has been imposed in Uttarakhand. After cabinet recomondation on the basis of Governor’s report saturday ,  sunday  morning president approved it A  day before the crucial trust vote in the Uttarakhand assembly for the Harish Rawat government,
The Cabinet had recommended the imposition of Central rule in the state last night following an hour-long emergency meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  Today, it received the formal nod from President Pranab Mukherjee, sources said.

The crisis had started earlier this month after nine lawmakers of the ruling Congress had rebelled against the Harish Rawat government. Yesterday, the speaker had reportedly put them on notice, asking why they should not be disqualified under the anti-defection law.

But the rebels released a sting video of Chief Minister Rawat, alleging that he had indulged in horse-trading to save his government.

The state BJP immediately contended that governance had completely broken down in the state and called for President’s Rule.

With the move coming days after President’s Rule was imposed in Arunachal Pradesh, the furious Congress alleged that the BJP was stooping to new lows.

Earlier today, condemning what he called the BJP’s efforts to “murder democracy” in the state, Chief Minister Harish Rawat had pointed out that there was a “procedure” for imposition of President’s Rule. the “They (BJP) has attacked democracy with money and muscle power.”

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