Scorpene Leaks : More Report To Be Come Up Says Australian Newspaper: 10 Facts

New Delhi: More  reports on Scorpene submarines to be come quoted Australian News. There is no immediate security risk from the leak of secret documents detailing the capabilities of India’s new Scorpene submarines, the Defence Ministry said today.
The Australian newspaper, which reported on the leak two days ago, has said it will post new details tonight.  An editor at the Australian said “more confidential leaked documents” on the Scorpenes will be posted on its website today. “The documents that have been posted… have been examined and do not pose any security compromise as the vital parameters have been blacked out,” the defence ministry said in a statement. Six Scorpenes designed by French shipmaker DCNS are being built in Mumbai. The first is expected to join service before the end of this year. On Tuesday night, the Australian said it had 22,000 pages of details that exposed the combat capability of the submarines, being built at a cost of $3.5 billion. The newspaper published only a fraction of those documents, and these had been redacted, meaning that sensitive details relating to the Scorpene’s design and stealth capabilities did not enter the public domain. The documents were stolen from DCNS and not leaked, an unnamed French government source said to news agency Reuters, adding that the information published so far shows only operational aspects of the submarines. “It is not a leak, it is theft,” the source said. “We have not found any DCNS negligence, but we have identified some dishonesty by an individual.” The source said the documents appeared to have been stolen in 2011 by a former French employee that had been fired while providing training in India on the use of the submarines. India and France have opened investigations with Delhi asking for a detailed report. Shipmaker DCNS is also looking to design 12 submarines for Australia in a 38 billion dollar deal, but details of that fleet have not been leaked.